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Pear Deck offers three distinct views: Projector, Student, and the exclusive Teacher Dashboard. Students access the interactive Student View upon joining. Pear Deck Teacher Dashboard, a premium feature, displays students’ names with their responses, enabling effective evaluation and feedback. This view also allows response management for the Projector View, providing deeper insights into student performance during and after class. The Teacher Dashboard enhances teaching with its advanced, insightful tools.

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Teacher Overview


Pear Deck Teacher is an educator proficient in using the Pear Deck platform, accessing their account through the Pear Deck teacher login. They manage and create interactive lessons via the Pear Deck teacher dashboard, a centralized interface for lesson planning and real-time student engagement monitoring. Educators typically log in at teacher login portal and utilize for seamless integration of students into their interactive sessions. This role involves leveraging Pear Deck’s digital tools to enhance classroom interaction, track student comprehension, and foster a dynamic learning environment.

How to open the Dashboard

Begin your new presentation by activating the Pear Deck toolbar in Google Slides or PowerPoint Online, then press the vibrant green Start Lesson button. Select between Instructor or Student-Paced Modes.

  • Opting for Instructor-Paced Mode, the Projector View with Join Instructions instantly appears. Proceed to Open Teacher Dashboard. In this mode, your students’ screens will be in sync with yours on both the Projector and Dashboard.
  • Alternatively, in Student-Paced Mode, you’re directed to the Dashboard View right away. Simply dismiss the pop-up window to commence.
  • Navigate to any slide and click the More Actions (three-dots) Menu on the Navigation Bar.
  • To access the Dashboard, go to your Sessions menu. This method is highly recommended for reviewing responses post-session.

How to use the Teacher Dashboard

Quick Guide:

  1. Slide Drawer & Projector Preview: The Slide Drawer is conveniently positioned on the left, while the Projector Preview occupies the right, ensuring a seamless visual management of your presentation.
  2. Interactive Navigation Bar: Navigate slides, display responses in Projector View, secure Student View responses, and introduce new prompts with ease. Dashboard scrolling remains private, not mirrored in the Projector View. However, selecting a response in the Dashboard will spotlight it in the Projector View.
  3. Real-Time Student Response Monitoring: Watch student responses unfold live. Effortlessly scroll through to gauge understanding or confusion, all discreetly without projecting these responses.
  4. Comprehensive Student Roster: Access the roster with a click, revealing session participants, options to integrate Google Classroom, or restrict participant access, all through a simple blue button.
  5. Versatile Response Layouts: Tailor the response presentation to the slide’s interactive nature. Choose from List, Grid, or Overlaid layouts to suit your review style – list for sequential viewing, grid for a comprehensive thumbnail view, or overlaid for a unified background comparison.
  6. Targeted Teacher Feedback: Offer personalized feedback directly to students by using the Feedback Button, which students can view privately in their Student View.
  7. Selective Response Display in Projector View: Opt to highlight or conceal responses in the Projector View. These modifications are exclusive to this view and do not impact the Student View or their overall experience.

Click the star beside a name to feature the response on the Projector View, applicable to several responses.


Press the More actions (three dots) button to remove a response from the Projector View, making it invisible to the class. In the Dashboard, hidden answers turn grey. Teachers cannot permanently delete students’ responses in Pear Deck.


The Slide Navigation Bar Controls

  • Navigation Controls: Navigate through your slides using the slide arrows. The Projector View will automatically synchronize with your actions.
  • Speaker Notes: Access your Google Slides speaker notes easily.
  • Response Visibility: Toggle the visibility of responses on the Projector View, which are anonymous by default.
  • Screen Lock: Use this to freeze student screens, preventing any further changes.
  • Countdown Lock: Hold down this button to initiate a countdown timer for students, available in 30-second, 1-minute, and 3-minute intervals. Screens lock when the timer expires.
  • Prompt Addition: Introduce new questions or re-ask existing ones in varied formats. Explore the New Prompts feature for dynamic teaching moments.
  • Extended Options: The More Actions (3-dot) menu offers additional features, such as ending the session or enabling Student-Paced Mode.
  • Session Closure: End your session with this button.

Dashboard Customization

Alter response layouts and sort options as needed


Three layout options are typically available for responses: List, Grid, and Overlay. However, some limitations exist, such as the inability to overlay text responses. Below are examples of these layouts on a Drawing slide, sourced from the Projector View, ensuring anonymity as student names are not displayed.

Grid view:

List view:


Sort responses

Overlaid view:

Dashboard Sorting:

Feature Employ the ‘Sort by’ filter atop the Dashboard to organize answers according to:

  1. Response Time
  2. Student Names, alphabetically by first name
  3. In Text Response questions, students can submit multiple answers, ideal for brainstorming or supplementary ideas. By default, these are shown based on the time received. If a student provides several responses, a small indicator appears under their answer. Clicking on it allows you to view their other responses.

Independent Scrolling in Dashboard and Projector View

Scrolling within the Dashboard remains unsynchronized with the Projector View, ensuring your browsing remains confidential. However, selecting or tabbing a response in the Dashboard will cause the Projector View to spotlight that particular response.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Teachers Share Pear Deck Presentations with Colleagues?

To share a Pear Deck presentation, use the ‘Share’ feature in Google Slides or PowerPoint and input your colleague’s email. Ensure they have the Pear Deck add-on for full functionality.

How Can Teachers Use Pear Deck for Professional Development?

Yes, Pear Deck is suitable for professional development, enabling interactive sessions with real-time feedback and collaborative activities among educators.

 How Do Teachers Access Pear Deck Session History?

Access past Pear Deck sessions by navigating to the ‘Sessions’ section on the Pear Deck Home page, where you can review detailed session histories and student responses.

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