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The Join Pear Deck Portal (JoinPD), accessible at, revolutionizes classroom interaction by enabling teachers to create presentations and students to participate using unique codes, fostering enhanced educational engagement.

What is JoinPD?

JoinPD, a dynamic educational tool, enables educators to craft interactive presentations for enhanced classroom engagement. Students easily participate using a special code. Ideal for both in-person and online learning, its user-friendly interface and proven effectiveness in boosting student understanding have made it a favorite among teachers.

About Peardeck

Pear Deck, an innovative add-on for Google Slides, revolutionizes classroom and remote teaching by enabling educators to craft compelling, interactive presentations. Seamlessly integrated with Google, it empowers teachers to create and modify presentations directly within their Google accounts. This tool enriches the Google Slides experience and is effortlessly compatible with Google Suites, facilitating both synchronous and asynchronous educational sessions.

The platform offers both a complimentary version with essential features and a premium version with expanded capabilities. Pear Deck’s commitment to enhancing educational experiences extends to personalized workshops. These workshops, designed for departments, schools, and districts, are led by either Pear Deck’s skilled team members or expertly trained coaches. Tailored to each institution’s needs, these workshops, depending on their duration and participant count, may incur additional charges

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How Students Can Join a Lesson Using Pear Deck

Here’s a straightforward, step-by-step guide for joining a Pear Deck lesson, suitable for any device – mobile phone, laptop, or iPad:

  • Get Your Code Ready: Before anything else, make sure you have the code from your teacher.
  • Email Account Access: Log into your Gmail or Microsoft email. No account yet? Sign up at Google Accounts or Microsoft Live.
  • Visit Pear Deck: Go to Enter the 6-letter code provided by your teacher (note: it’s case-insensitive).
  • Join the Lesson: After code entry, if you’re not logged into your email, you’ll be prompted to do so. This will grant you access to the lesson. If there’s a hitch, use the unique URL given by your teacher, like, for direct lesson entry.

JoinPD Official

Effortlessly Join Pear Deck Lessons: A Quick Video and Stepwise Guide. Confused about how to get started with a Pear Deck session? Watch our concise video for an easy understanding.

This website exclusively contains external links that lead directly to the official portals for JoinPD.

Teacher’s Guide to Using Pear Deck

Starting with Pear Deck is easy for teachers. They can create lessons in Google Slides or PowerPoint Online and access them through the Pear Deck Home screen. Logging in requires just a Google or Microsoft account, accessible via the Pear Deck Login and Sign Up links.

Teachers can share lessons with students using a code via Google Classroom. The teacher dashboard provides real-time student progress, with options to adjust the lesson pace or revisit slides. Student responses are live, and screens can be locked to maintain focus.

Pear Deck guarantees student anonymity, ideal for both in-class and remote learning. Teachers can add audio to slides for a personal touch. As a Google-integrated tool, it’s simple to create or edit presentations within a Google account. Pear Deck supports interactive, synchronous, or asynchronous learning and is compatible with Google Suites.

Creating new Pear Deck lessons is straightforward, allowing for custom activities and questions using various formats, and enhancing student engagement.

Pear Deck Features

  • Numeric Insights Tool: Enables students to respond with numeric answers, giving teachers a clear view of the range and diversity of student responses.
  • Audio Enhanced Learning: The Pear Deck Add-on allows teachers to add audio instructions or examples to their presentations, which students can listen to while interacting with the Pear Deck Slides. This includes options for instant recording or uploading audio files.
  • Textual Response Feature: Students can provide detailed, written answers to teacher-posed questions, enhancing their engagement and critical thinking.
  • Interactive Comprehension Checks: Multiple-choice questions facilitate quick and efficient assessment of student understanding by teachers.
  • Real-Time Student Monitoring: This feature allows teachers to track student progress and engagement in real-time, aiding in more effective and responsive instruction.
  • Creative Expression Canvas: The drawing feature provides a digital canvas and tools for students, encouraging creativity and visual expression of ideas.
  • Dynamic Interactive Elements: Teachers can incorporate quizzes, discussions, and interactive questions into presentations, making learning more engaging and participatory.
  • Drag-and-Drop Learning Tool: The draggable assessment feature encourages students to visually demonstrate their understanding by placing a marker, enhancing interactive learning.

Empowering educators and engaging students, Pear Deck stands as a beacon of interactive education. Its blend of creative, analytical, and auditory tools transforms traditional classroom dynamics into a vibrant learning ecosystem. Optimized for Google, Pear Deck seamlessly integrates with educators’ digital toolkits, heralding a new era in personalized, technology-driven teaching.


Device Compatibility for JoinPD Sessions

JoinPD sessions are compatible with a wide range of devices, including computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This compatibility is crucial for ensuring all students can participate in sessions, regardless of their device type. Educational technology experts recommend using up-to-date browsers for the best experience. In cases where devices or software are outdated, checking for updates or consulting support resources can resolve most issues.

Pricing For Pear Deck

Pear Deck offers three pricing plans. The Basic plan is free, allowing teachers to create interactive lessons with various tools and integrates with Google and Microsoft classrooms. 

The Premium plan, at $149.99 per year, provides additional features like personalized feedback and unlimited template storage. 


For schools and districts, Pear Deck Custom offers tailored pricing, requiring direct contact with Pear Deck for details. These plans cater to individual teachers, schools, and districts with varying educational needs.


Am I logged into the correct profile? 

Check your profile in Pear Deck’s account settings to ensure you’re logged into the correct Google account.

Can I use both Google and Microsoft logins with Pear Deck?

Yes, Pear Deck supports both but prefers one primary account for consistent access.

How to Create a JoinPD Code?

Start a Pear Deck session to automatically generate a JoinPD code for participants.

Is Pear Deck an interactive platform?

Yes, it’s designed for interactive educational presentations and real-time student engagement.

Sum Up

Pear Deck and JoinPD epitomize the integration of technology in education, enhancing engagement and understanding in the classroom. These tools empower educators with real-time insights and offer students an interactive learning experience. As the educational landscape evolves, Pear Deck and JoinPD stand out as key contributors to a more collaborative, responsive, and technologically advanced educational approach, shaping the future of how students learn and teachers educate.

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